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The power of personal experience narratives struck me during junior high, when I discovered non-fiction writing. Being able to feel comforted and relief that others had the some struggles and experiences was an incredible gift. Because someone was able to be brave enough to share their story in some fashion, it provided me sense of empowerment when there was a lack of people around me that could relate to my experiences.

Over the years, I’ve been asked what would possess me to spill my life story all over the internet. In short, I write personal narratives with the hope that someone who is going through something similar may feel less alone with their issues. That even if everyone surrounding them is causing the reader to analyze and second-guess their gut, there is another smoke signal to let them know their not the only person dealing with their conundrums.

There’s been countless nights that I’ve only been consoled after reading essays from no-barrier writers. And while writing is a sense of paying it forward, the process also is another way to connect me with others to feel less alone. Reading emails and comments from others who have stumbled across my writings sharing their similar connection is my favorite activity in the world.